The Current Health Clinical Dashboard can be found at and should be accessed through the latest Google Chrome web browser. The Clinical Dashboard is the primary way healthcare professionals will interact with the Current Health Platform.

Logging In

The Current Health Clinical Dashboard log-in screen will look like this:

How to log in to the Current Health Clinical Dashboard.

After you input your designated log-in information, you will be brought to the next screen, the Patient Overview.

If you do not remember your designated log-in information, visit Password Management.

The Patient Overview

The patient overview shows all the patients at your location.

The first screen you will see when logging into the Current Health Clinical Dashboard is the patient overview. For more detailed information about this page, visit Patient Overview.

This page is designed to act as a central hub for users, allowing them to access all the central facets of the Current Health Clinical Dashboard easily while also displaying their patient information in an easily read format. The patient overview can be customized by organizations so that individual users have access to specific or limited information in the Clinical Dashboard.

The patient overview contains all of the patients within an organization’s population and presents them based on the platform’s understanding (based on organizational settings) of the patient’s current status, or any other desired organizational filter.

Clinical Dashboard Features

The Clinical Dashboard is used to admit patients.

The various functions available to healthcare professionals can be found on the left hand side of the Clinical Dashboard. From here, professionals can Admit Patients, View Patient Information, Schedule Video Calls with Patients, Download Reports, and Update Account Information.

On / Off Duty Notification

Set yourself to On or Off duty to view patients and respond to alarms.

This notification will appear at the top of the patient list screen to let you know whether you are currently On Duty or Off Duty. For more information about what this means, visit On/Off Duty.

Searching & Filtering Data

Search for patients on the Clinical Dashboard with advanced filters.

The patient list allows healthcare professionals to quickly access information about their patients. To facilitate this, the Current Health Clinical Dashboard provides several ways to segment the patient list. For more information, see "Patient Filters" in Understanding the Patient Overview.

Patient Properties

To view patients by specific data element, select patient properties, found to the right of the patient filters. Properties can allow professionals to draw clearer insights or take action faster.

Quickly sort through patients by searching for specific data elements.

Display Mode

Change your viewing mode to better grasp trends

This view allows you to see vital information for your patients.

Contacting Support

Get support 24/7 on the Clinical Dashboard.

This symbol, found in the lower right hand corner of the patient list, will bring up a conversation window that allows you to chat with Current Health Support in case you have any questions.

For more information, see Getting Support.

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